The couvent has a strong personality, embodied in the person of Emmanuelle. Passionated by genuine exchanges, she has created an intimate, relaxed and refined atmosphere, like a second home for the guests.

Since the opening in 2014, what a journey

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Since day one, authenticity has been proven to be a strong marker of the convent’s identity. It has to be a family house management style.

A few years later, the house gave the tempo again: It had always brought peace and serenity, it’s a convent after all. Although the reconnection with the spiritual and the meditative dimension of the place, had been obvious. Emmanuelle, a yogini for a very long time and a kundalini yoga teacher for half a decade (international certification), decided to push the experience further and developed yoga and activities that feed the soul.

One retreat per season, more info upon request.

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The year 2020, as for most of us, marked a turning point, moving our commitment into a mission.

Cheerfully the Couvent jumps in the challenges of its time thanks to those who make it live:Emmanuelle, her husband Loic and Ninon their sidekick.

Serve greater than oneself, exceed one’s personal interest and target greater good, this is what the guardians of the place have always done. No need for a label, what matters is what is really done, and to be the change you want to see blooming in the future.

– A lavish edible garden honors the biodiversity and allows to reach the goal “from farm to table”.

– Yoga classes are systematically proposed to the guests aiming to level up the frequency. What used to be a hobby, fulfills a need today.

– Environmental impact assessment: waste reduction, plastic ban and purchases rationalization

The centuries-old building, the insularity, the limited resources are both a driving force and a limitation.

The choices are made with resilience but the desire is unshakable and the direction is clear:  Now more than ever, each action is made with consciousness for the benefit of the planet and the whole humanity aligning the Couvent with some of these healing places that inspire and nurture the soul.

Want to volunteer? Contact us to be part of the adventure.

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